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    Integrate with apple HomeKit, google, nest and other home automation platforms and devices for seamless control of your home.

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    Access everything about your garage from the touch of your phone. Get alerts when the garage opens or closes and even control it remotely.

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    Keep going even when the power lets you down. In the event of a power failure, your garage will continue to work.

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  • Garage Door Opener Pricing

Contractor Series


Powered by AC motors, LiftMaster chain drive garage door openers offer power, dependability and performance that meets the every day demands you have in your garage.


Premium Series


Powered by AC motors with a lifetime warranty, a second wireless transmitter, wireless keypad and twice as much lighting as the Contractor Series, LiftMaster provides the complete garage door package.

Elite Series


Powered by DC motors, LiftMaster belt drive garage door openers are ultra-strong and virtually silent, making them ideal for homes with attached garages.

Wall-Mount Series


LiftMaster wall-mount garage door openers mount on the wall next to the garage door, freeing up the space overhead and opening up the possibilities to maximize your garage space.

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    For over 45 years, LiftMaster has led the industry in safety, quality and innovation.

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    Made with the highest quality parts, a single rail design and P3 motors with lifetime warranties.

Frequently asked questions

  • While it is true that a higher horsepower garage door opener lifts a greater amount of weight, the actual metric of horsepower designates the lifecycle of the opener. When it is time to lift, garage door springs do the work of opening the door, not the motor. A garage door opener, regardless of horsepower, can successfully open any garage door if properly balanced. Unfortunately, most homeowners fail to maintain their garage doors and they become harder to open — this is the reason why manufacturers started marketing garage door horsepower with garage door weight. When choosing a garage door opener, weight is an important consideration as it's likely the door will become unbalanced at some point. After determining the appropriate horsepower for your door, you may opt for an even higher horsepower rating to increase the longevity of your opener.

  • Yes, and it's something we can install for you, but we don't recommend it. Retail garage door openers are usually manufactured by the same companies that make higher-grade professional openers, but are built using lesser quality parts: plastic parts instead of metal, half chain and half cable versus a full cable, or a 4 piece rail instead of a solid single piece design are a few differences that lead to premature failure of a garage system and costly repairs. Store-bought models also come in many parts for easy shipping and customer transport at the sacrifice of strength and durability.

  • The chain drive and belt drive openers are the two most common garage door openers on the market, with the belt drive increasing in popularity every year. While the chain drive uses a metal chain, the belt drive uses a steel-reinforced rubber belt to reduce noise and increase speed during operation. If warranty is any indication of reliability, it is important to note LiftMaster does not warranty any chains, but provides a lifetime belt warranty on it's Elite and Premium Series and 10 year belt warranty on it's Contractor Series. Belt drives also require less maintenance as they do not have to be lubricated or tightened as with chain drives.

  • A wall-mount opener is the newest form of garage door opener and is also known as a jackshaft opener. Wall-mount openers are gaining popularity for many reasons, but before considering this type of opener you must first ensure room exists for the side mounting of the unit. If room exists, you can say goodbye to the middle garage rail and ceiling-mounted opener. A wall-mounted opener allows for unobstructed access to overhead storage, and reduced noise and vibration to rooms located above the garage. On garages with higher ceilings, an accompanying high lift track can be utilized with the wall-mount opener to allow for a car lift to be placed within the garage.

  • While AC and DC opener motors typically do not have different electrical requirements, DC motors offer many benefits over the older AC standard. To start, DC motors are smaller, lighter, made with less parts and don't interfere with wireless equipment, making them more reliable. DC motors are also built to be more powerful than their AC equivalent — more power means greater use and longevity of your opener. As for features, LiftMaster DC openers come standard with "soft start" and "soft stop" to reduce wear and tear on the entire garage door system. Many DC openers even come standard with battery backup, or are battery backup capable to power your door when the electricity goes out.

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